Color Correction vs Color Grading | Explained in Detail
Just like a good film requires quality cinematographer and editors, using the right tools for your photo editing is equally crucial (also the photograph quality).
7 Insane Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales and Leads!
One of the best things about mobile marketing is that it requires so much less investment compared to the traditional forms of marketing. You don’t have to spend any buck on print ad and get your...
Using the Right Lightroom Metadata Matters a Lot: Here’s Why
This happened around 2 years ago, while I was working on one wedding photography catalogue. I happened to know something called lightroom metadata which is provided by the Lightroom application itself.
5 Best Photo Editing Apps for PC or Laptop 2019
We are already in the fourth month of 2019, and I guess it’s the right time to check out the best-rated photo editing apps that go perfect for the PC or laptops.
Why You Should Choose Outsourcing Photography Editing?
In this fast-moving world, everybody is seeking for their works done to most perfect possible. This seeking is seen in photography and post photography also.
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