Set of tips to get you more wedding photography clients
We focus is on post-wedding photography processes put to ease and another way to do is to bring you some set of tips to get you more clients
Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Put In Comparison
The comparison between Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop has always been a debate where there is a win/win situation being one of the biggest philosophical questions to date.
6 Basic Points About Wedding Photography Editing
Wedding photographers are the most liked on any wedding day and with that, they are burdened with a responsibility of editing the images to another extent apart from the job of photography.
Email Marketing Tips To Gear Up Your Photography Business
You’re doing something, and you need to boost it, you surely need to do back-end marketing for it, always. As a photographer, you obviously don’t want to sit idle with your equipment getting dusty after every while.
There are plenty of processes that go into the post-wedding workflow. Adobe Lightroom can be one such tool that can lighten your load of editing.
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