10 Photogenic Places of the World That Should Be on Your Bucket-List Today!

Heya folks! What’s up? Do you wish to brush up your photography skills and take it on the next level?  

So, you have got the right gears and imagination still finding it hard to make a difference?  

Okay, I am leading you to the topic. Don’t worry! It’s the locations I am talking about. If you look at the best adventure pictures online, you are sure to get snaps taken from different locations. The angle will be perfect, and the pictures will be magnificent in terms of beauty.  

While I was doing my part of research what I came across is the ‘selection of the location’ is very crucial if you are looking for photogenic places.  

Here are some of my best selected photogenic places that you can plan to visit for the next time:  

1. Milford Sound, NZ

Rudyard Kipling has rightly quoted this place as the eighth wonder of the world. This beautiful fiord is in the southwest to New Zealand’s South Island. The mountains provide you pure water and it’s also a home for penguins, dolphins, and even seals. If you get any chance to visit this place, don’t miss out on Mitre Peak!   

2. Lake Louise, Canada

During the summers, you will find turquoise-colored waters in this lake whereas during the falls you could witness the amazing golden trees. The images of this place are mostly clicked during the morning hours during the hours between the sunrise and the mid-mornings. You could use the graduated filters for these images as you get excellent contrasting colors and perfect shadows. Sounds cool right?  

3. Positano, Italy

Well, if you are looking for something like the la dolce vita! Then this is the ideal choice for you! It is situated on the tip of the Amalfi Coast. You could catch up colorful villas and make the best of the location for the snaps. It also boasts the famous pebble beach with its sea glasses and the classic striped umbrellas.  

4. Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

This one’s the largest among the salt flats laid across the world. With an outstanding background and a no-element blocking your vision, this place can work like wonder for all the aspiring photographers.  

5. Palomino, Colombia

Do you mind some wind in your hair with fresh mangroves around you? This Caribbean coast is one of the things you shouldn’t miss out on. This is one among the lesser-known places with a touch of Latino culture. I bet once you check out the pictures of this place, you will go la-la about it! 

6. North York Moors, England


That British kind of weather may be something that you don’t like! But wait for a second, for those who long for some killer scenic beauty and fresh air, could never say no to this place! You can spend a whole day and shoot the rocky hills and the downtown people.  

7. Twelve Apostles, Australia

You can consider this among the best vacation spots in the world! The scene with the eight of the twelve apostles (at present) itself makes it worth watching. These apostles are nothing, but a limestone stack formed on the shores by The Great Ocean Road, in Victoria. If you wish to click this place, then January to March is the best suitable time 😊  

8. Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, China

The red, green and blue colored mountains make it a remarkable sight to check out. All the colors of red and blue are nothing, but the chemical formulation of sand and silt mixed with traces of iron and other natural elements. All these stones look amazing throughout the year, but the stones and colors look the best in the mornings and during the dusk hours. Don’t miss them out!  

9. Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain

You don’t have to go too far for visiting clear sands and fresh waters! It is usually surrounded by tourists from the neighboring city of Ibiza and is a perfect place for the quiet-scene lovers. If you feel to ditch those crowded party nights, you can rely on this beautiful island for spending some of the best moments with your loved ones.  

10. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

The last but not the least is the breathtaking Iguaza Falls located in Argentina. This place has twice the size of the Niagara and falls right in the center of Brazil and Argentina. Also, if you are passing by this area by air in a helicopter, do capture the place with an amazing top view!  

A quick tip; if you wish to see the highest point of the fall – choose Argentina. However, Brazil is the right choice for an awesome panoramic view.  

So, these are some of the most beautiful places of the World to Photograph you need to check out!