The presets of Lightroom can be one set of skill that is really very valuable and when you are dealing with post-processing wedding photo editing tasks, it’s helpful. It can help you save a lot of time and the best part is that once you have used some presets frequently, they can also remember it for you. Learning presets can be a big deal as it helps a lot of professional photographers and image editors achieve a specific look. So, it can be helpful to learn more about all behind the scenes of Lightroom. 

What Is A Preset In Lightroom? 

These are a set of saved manipulations or features that photographers make on their photos. They can help save time while the photographer is burdened with a big number of photos at once.  

Let us take an example to have a better understanding. You have a bunch of photos from an event with the same lighting in all the photos, so you will want to make the same kind of changes and editing in all the clicks. So instead of doing it again and again on each picture, you can create a preset. It is very simple and easy. Then, you can apply that set of adjustments to every photograph in the set and there will the same editing in every click. This way all the photos of the batch will look in the same shade. 

It saves your time as you now don’t need to do that same single task on each picture and you can also maintain a consistent work that showcases a tidy artwork. 

How To Use? 

It is important to know how any preset affects your photos before learning how to use or create any preset.  For that, you can always find presets made by photographers and editors online, download them and start experimenting them with your photos. Always keep in mind that you will need to make some changes in this downloaded preset too to match your unique style as everyone has a different style. 

After a few preset trials, you will understand all the tools and features of it. You will also get an idea of how preset affects your photos and how any changes will match your style of photography. Once you have understood it, you can start with basic adjustments by creating your own. Take steady steps like by creating simple contrast preset for the images where only contrast levels must be looked after.  

Our team at UShoot VEdit is pacing to reach your quality expectations before time. We have created such a simple UI that allows you to speak up for your style so that we and our editors always match it.

Why Should You Use Preset? 

Professionals have loads to do and reach too. They can take advantage of these presets in many ways. The foremost reason presets to be profoundly known for is saving time. Preset can allow any editor or photographer with an editing task to apply on the photos taken in the same event as they have similar style and structure.  

Consistent look and systemized structure can be achieved by applying a preset to the pictures you want to bring together. Some professionals also layer up the presets to give more unique and complex style of your wedding photography. 

But Who Creates It? 

There are professional preset developers who create Adobe Lightroom presets. Besides them, there are individual users who keep experimenting and come up with such presets. Other than these two, there is many post-processing image editing service providing companies who work thoroughly to provide some enriched presets. While Adobe has some presets preloaded, with a good amount of time, patience and hands on the tools, one can create really stand out presets. 

As we see nowadays, every editing tool has some filters or effects, presets are all the same but on a little-advanced level. Every editor wants a consistent style in a batch of images and that’s crucial in editing too. Once you get steady hands on this feature of Lightroom, you can always start mixing and creatively bringing your idea of editing in the images. 

What Are The Tips On Creating Them? 

There are many other tips than being patience and observing. Presets are the easiest way to get rid of bulk images’ task of editing. Tips like: 

  • Always give a keen observation on how any preset applies the difference to your image.
  • Try comparing the after and before effects.
  • Never forget to save or make a different folder for your favorite You don’t want to waste time looking for them every time.
  • Always learn before creating. Try browsing for more and more presets from developers before starting to create your own. 

What Are The Tips To Use Presets? 

There’s no time for any other work once you have established your hands on the preloaded presets or the one who has been experimenting with, start creating yours. 

  • Before proceeding, take a keen look at the settings provided in the Lightroom preset feature. 
  • Then, always look at the settings of the purchased ones to get a better accounting with the off-screen logic of the presets. This way you will get an understanding. 
  • Always tweak the settings after the application of the preset and at times try several presets to may result into something more ravishing than other.
  • This is the simplest tip to avoid any kind of overdo wherever you have options of adding things. No never do that. This will just make the photo more unrealistic.
  • Do you buy any product before checking their rating or review? Obviously, no. Keep yourself updated.

Nevertheless, presets are one great feature of Adobe Lightroom to look forward to. They can be completely dependable for long batched of images and at times when you are really in need of some new styles too.