There are plenty of processes that go into the post-wedding workflow. Adobe Lightroom can be one such tool that can lighten your load of editing. When you are properly aware of all the features it can speed up your workflow and help you keep organized as well. Speed is important for people or business people who are hustling to reach so many clients’ expectations.

Here are top tips you could use in your post wedding photography editing workflows available in Lightroom.

Make Some Styles By Default

Lightroom provides such a beautiful feature of the ability to create some default setting when you start importing your files to the program. Take time to make out which styles you use frequently, you can create your set of default styles and make more time for other things.

For example, you want to apply one effect to your photos, rather than manually applying that same effect to each image, it can be applied to the bunch of images once they are imported to Lightroom. This way, your wedding workflow will reduce to other things which can be in focus.

The default set of styles will give your idea about your style and target editing work in such a way that your style is well understood in the editing. Making some styles in prior can lead you to the better stage while editing as this saves time as you already have a benchmark.


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Organize With Folders

How good would it be if you can access your photos organized in different folders? Lightroom provides and allows saving your photos organized and managed in folders. The best way to use this feature is to create individual folders for sessions respectively. The biggest mistake you could ever do is have dates in the folder’s naming structure, instead have some descriptive names which will help you identify the folders more quickly and lets you save time. Also, make sure you use a folder structure as same as that of the structure in your hard drive. This way you will be more used to the folders and quick to work.

An organization is one such way of saving time to search for anything. Organizing your photos in your way can obviously save a lot of time in the same and as Lightroom provides this feature, why not use it wisely? Next time don’t hurry in search, you already know that folder has your search.


Presets Customised Is A Must

You always want your style to shine thoroughly in your work and this to happen you need to make your set of customized presets to make it quick and unique. It will also help you attract more relevant clients to your business. Always remember that being very particular about your uniqueness in style doesn’t mean that you need to make more time in that but also you can be smart to have some customized presets.

Think prior to the time about which personalization you want to add in your color corrected images. It is all about your signature looks. Whatever signature style you have, make some customized presets on that to save time when you need to rush with your post-wedding workflow in photography. Once you have made time to make all the presets, you will be ready to shoot all the pictures with your essence.



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Camera & Screen Alignment

The most irritating and time taking process is calibration, but it does help you get perfectly aligned pictures and you can make sure that your pictures look the way you want them to. This alignment process gives a steady editable picture that will not be clumsy or torn out also locates the editing effects perfectly to where it should be laid.

The import setting in Adobe Lightroom ensures that you can align your camera settings so that the images look consistent. You also need to make an alignment in your screen too so that the colors you see in Lightroom are precise and an approximation. Calibration is one important process and time taking too but once done, it can take you really a long way.   

Auto-Sync Is Also Important

Auto-synchronization can help you increase your speed as with its help you can choose many images and thus apply specifications to them. It's a great trick to use on a large number of images but you need to take care of the fact that they are taken in same lighting conditions and camera settings as if any error in this can put your editing work on risk. Develop module helps you to change any single picture in batch processing editing and you can alter the sliders to a specific shot.

With this feature, your editing choices can always be synchronized to keep saving your actions and preset to make a quicker workflow. Auto-sync also helps in saving one a quick go and it records all your actions to come back where you left it from. Always make sure that before you start working, this feature to be kept on throughout.


Applying Tones To Make It Better 

While editing, there is no such thing that you don’t need to do like the smallest detailing to adjust certain parts of an image. The tone feature helps you edit some part of the image you need it to be edited in the basic panel. This allows you to retouch your image with the tone of color you want and also turn it into the image of a specific color tone too. 

There show graphs that give you a reference of the image in accordance with the tones and let you decide which tone to take the images to. This makes it very simple to style your images to get the style you want. All these features are available on the panel to get hands on. This tool helps an editor to quickly make any changes such as removing some marks or any other things like blemishes or scratches.

Shortcuts Make It Faster 

The feature develops module provides with many shortcuts to keep you quicker and faster with the process of editing. Parts like plus and minus keys can be used to alter the slides, Command + Option + S for applying corrections to all the highlighted images, comma and period key to move up and down through the editing and many such shortcuts. Parts like plus and minus keys can be used to alter the slides, comma and period key to move up and down through the editing and many such shortcuts. Keep using more and more keystrokes wherever possible. Most of your adjustments can be done and you won’t even require touching the mouse even once.

Shortcuts aren’t so loved in life but in the world of editing, shortcuts can take you quickly to the goal so that you free yourself to take another task. Develop module has many other shortcuts too, account them and understand how to quickly implement them in your daily work. 

Any workflow can be hard but with these tips, you will rock the floors of editing with a good speed and quality output too. Always learn them to make an efficient effort on the editing of the images. Happy editing.