Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Put In Comparison

The comparison between Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop has always been a debate where there is a win/win situation being one of the biggest philosophical questions to date. If there is a debate possible, then there must be features that make them so different being both software designed to edit your images. To count on the days for who has been in the editing family, Adobe Photoshop comes to be the standard for photographic manipulation for more than decades but whereas Lightroom has been there for just over a decade. Professional photographers are now grouped where some use one of these and some use both as they allow you to work on the image in different ways.

If you have very first look at both, they seem to look like covering the same base of image editing programs. The fact is that both software’s motto is to edit images but precisely in different ways varyingly like, Lightroom is more of local adjustments but whereas Photoshop goes up for detailed editing.

What is Photoshop?

Before proceeding on with anything, we should try to understand what exactly Photoshop is. It is synonymous to photo editing. Photoshop was originally launched and created by Adobe in 1991 for the most basic editing and simple manipulations. Since then there have been so many updates and editions with the evolution of detailed editing needs.

It features such detailed manipulation that it can be renamed as pixel-level editor. You will find it to be the best editing tool that you have come across just because of its detailed featuring. Camera raw feature of Photoshop helps you color correct and lens correct any image which another fascinating detailing is again. Bridge feature helps you to work on multiple images at a time, saving your schedule minutes resulting in consistent editing output.

It is a pure water for all those editors and photographer be it a pro or meditate or even an amateur helping to deal with any kind of editing work. Also, not to forget, the addition of Bridge and Camera Raw it has become bigger and better than ever. Today, Photoshop is used in most of the places and companies, graphic designers, architects, publishers and to mention photographers.

Photoshop not to deny can never have any competitor unless it is its own subsidiary. Accuracy and precision both are so profound in this editing tool.

Photoshop Strengths:

There are always two sides of a coin, let’s see the positive side of Photoshop.

  • Photoshop allows you to dig into detail editing as it focuses on the pixels i.e. the smallest addressable element of any image. Any image opened or created in Photoshop gets a detailed outlook always.
  • It also allows you to record the actions thus performed while editing so that if you need to edit any other image with the same steps, you can do it by a simple click on the mouse.
  • You can always protect specific parts with the use of masking feature and this feature also allows you to blend it with the composite layers of the image.
  • With every edition of Photoshop, there came a new feature implying to the creation of a huge toolbox to choose from the varied ranges provided.

Photoshop Weakness:

With every positive side, there are some flaws that can be counted as follows:

  • The worst part of this software is that there is no feature for managing the images and it creates difficulty in monitoring the schedule or workflow.
  • Also, you cannot edit the RAW images directly from the camera as in Photoshop you need to have a plug-in named ACR to be able to edit them.
  • It asks for a mastery in the tools and their uses to proceed with hassle-free editing or else you may end up making some blundering changes to the images.



What is Lightroom?

Lightroom can be said to be the other platform of Adobe, just faster and simpler, obviously. It has been a simple manipulator to date since 2007. As it doesn’t have any such detailed features, it is easier to work with and you would never feel like having a degree in digital engineering. Yes, it is this feasible.

It can be said that Lightroom is made mainly for contemporary photographers with a set of Photoshop tools that are also seen in this. You can be sure about the fact that Lightroom includes most of the features that you will need for editing in the present day. This software is a lot more than image editing as it features importing, organizing, exporting and many more options than simple editing.

Also, to note, Lightroom has the simple features of Raw and Bridge which is more feasible for any amateur or even a pro to be quick and efficient. It gives a lot of preset features that gives a great relief while editing bunches of pictures but with similar effect.

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Lightroom Strengths:

  • The foremost best part of Lightroom presets. Lightroom Presets help you through when you have a big pile of images all from one event to be edited in a consistent effect.
  • Another feature that plays an important strength is that tool for organizing the images which make editing quicker and easier to monitor.
  • It also allows editing the Raw images directly from the camera and doesn’t even ask for any extra plug-in.
  • The simplest interface to use as it has no much advanced tools as that of Photoshop. It has no much advanced tools, so it makes very basic and handy to use.

Lightroom Weakness:

  • At times not having the features of advanced editing tools makes it very subtle. You don’t get to do much with this software other than basic editing or presetting.
  • You don’t get much layers as it doesn’t have any existent layers which restrict editing to an extent.
  • It also doesn’t have tools to create composites, but it does have tools to do some surreal retouches like work on blemishes or smoothening.
  • It surely doesn’t have much graphic elements to work for heavy editing, but if you don’t need them if you need only simple editing to work with.



Be it Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, both come from the same platform but to be precise with different features to work with. If you are looking for lighter editing tools with no much of requirement of an advanced tool, then Lightroom is the best go for you as it is easy to use and goes well with a person with no or very less knowledge of editing. If you are a pro or have pretty knowledge about the use of tools and image editing, Adobe’s Photoshop is the best go for you. Both give good purpose regardless of the level of editing. So, yeah choose wisely as both drives crazy enough to love the art of editing.