All You Need To Know About Photography Culling

An event with thousands of photographs is one cherishable event because it showcases all the memorable moments. In this situation, you would obviously feel like having all of them in your event album, but unfortunately, you cannot as no one would like to go through an encyclopedia of pictures least interested. Here is where you get introduced to culling.

Photography Culling is an art of segregating all that you need from all that is least important. And in the case of pictures where there are many of them you love a lot, this segregating gets the hardest. Remember the time when you last sat down with your fellas and refined the shoot to come down to the least number? How hard was it? It's totally okay to get through a lot of difficulty in photography culling off the pictures, but the process of culling gives you an easy hit.

In this is a world full of complications, simple and less is the new more. Fewer words speak more and fewer pictures influence and attract more. As a photographer, culling is a huge part of defining your style and it's not only shown by how you take the shots but also by, which pictures you choose to be worth for using.

Before talking about how you can effectively cull your shots, it's important to understand why photography culling is such a vital role in post-processing. Firstly, it removes all the duplicates and bad shots, clearing your shoot images. Secondly, saves a lot of time for photo editing and for the clients too. Thirdly, it speaks a lot about your style and lets you invoke them in detail. Altogether, it refines and defines it.

There are many other reasons for why one should prefer culling as an essential step before any further post-processing of the images but most of them are the ones mentioned above in a nutshell. Again, there are numerous ways one can cull their images but the easiest can be some of the following:

  1. RATING: For the start create a rate chart of 5 stars and start rating the pictures with them. Keep the ones that are rated the highest and remove the ones that are the least rates. This way, you will get really sorted for which ones to proceed with.
  2. TAKE BREAKS WHILE CULLING: If you do it in breaks, there will be a moment of freshness to have thorough reviewing. It's been observed that culling done in one sitting takes longer time and at last you are devastated with again so many pics. If it is done in breaks, then it exceptionally gets done in less time.
  3. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WANT TO PORTRAY: Always keep your style clear in your mind and hold onto the ideologies you were having while shooting. Likewise, you will be able to enrich the album more by portraying your style. Also, this helps in removing the shots that don’t match your style.
  4. ALWAYS GOOD OVER BAD: While photo culling, it is important that you focus on selecting the good ones rather than deleting the bad ones. In this way, you will save more time and understand your path towards matching your style. This not only saves time but also makes you more accountable for the needs.


Talking about technology, there are many features that put your process of culling at ease. You can find such features in Adobe Lightroom like flagging, rating and, color options. These help you to segregate and smoothen your process of culling.

Overall, to have a look out on the term of photography culling and its aspects, the process and the reasons thus mentioned are clearly enduring the fact of bringing clarity and definition to the pictures with invoking own style of shoot and photo culling services. No matter how hard it goes on you, it is fun to refine them always.