All You Need To Know About Street Photography

We walk through so many lanes in our whole lifetime, some fascinating full of colors and some dark lighted. Every lane speaks a lot more what we can grasp. As photographers, it is great to have a tool called and provision to catch candid shots in real time because streets also have a lot of talking to do.

What is exactly street photography all about?

Also, sometimes called candid photography focuses on capturing moments in public places. It can be some random incident of evident encounters with something that fascinates the photographer enough to capture it in his/her camera.

Technically, street photography and candid are different but most of the street photography done is found to be classifiable as candid but not vice versa. And to be precise of street photography, it can also be an absence of people as it can be focused on an object - an animal,  a wall or anything that indirectly implies aesthetic human character.

Insignificantly, street photography is also seen as photojournalism or documentation of human behavior in public places as most of the images are candid and natural which sub-consciously shows a lot about the humankind.

There is a lot to discover and to be acknowledged in this style of photography still. There are unexplored aspects of this photography that’s been still uncovered yet.


Equipment guide for street photography

Being a photographer or someone who fascinates photography, one must know that every style of photography asks for different kind of specification in equipment and something precisely unique to focus on while assembling your pile of equipment according to the type of photography you are going to do.

Street photography has never asked for anything more than the figurative zooming capabilities in the lens and a good quality camera. It is also possible to have street photography done through a simple SLR camera or high pixel camera phone too. Likewise, a zoom lens will give you opportunities to capture to a greater distance too but a constricted lens will confine to a certain distance.

After choosing a good camera and a perfect lens, comes the feature on the camera settings that you need to care about. Follow are some points you need to take care about for camera settings while doing a street photography:

  1. Choosing to have a lot of bokeh in the fast-moving genre of candid photography, and if you are photographing at f/2.8 and you miss the focus slightly, you will probably ruin the shot. So it is advisable to shoot in as much depth as possible.
  2. Another reason for choosing to shoot in depth of field is because that will end up your picture having no light on the background as street photography is all about the background captures too.
  3. Shutter speed should also be kept in mind as it also plays a vital role in covering any moments to be precise enough to make it a perfect still. Choose a faster shutter speed as it will hand you to capture fast-moving objects.
  4. Advisably, it is good to use 1/250th in shade, 1/400th in daylight and 1/160th in nightlight.
  5. ISO is the other setting that you need to be careful about. It helps you to get perfect grain and depth for the scene. To achieve the perfect ISO, test your camera at the highest and lowest ISO and get the understanding of which one will perfectly fit your search.
  6. Advisably, ISO around 400 in sunlight & 6400 in nightlight can get you around your proximity.
  7. Also, the mode you choose for shooting plays role in the photography. Like shutter priority mode because of lack of approximation with the shade in which you will be capturing the real-time image. Manual mode is also cool, but it slows down the process altogether.

The camera is only one important tool for street photography but only in combination with the best lens for street photography, you will make the best out of your gear. It is important to know which lens fits the best for your camera to be perfect for those street shots.

  1. Anything between 28mm to 50mm is preferred in street photography but the most used is 35mm as it is approx. to a human vision.
  2. A light or small lens is also kept in mind while preferring for a lens for street photography because a heavy lens may have f-stop available.
  3. Most of the time aperture is not a lot in focus but if considered, around f/8 is preferred highly.


Few tips and techniques for perfect street photography 

It is always obvious that with good knowledge over various factors and aspects of a style of photography, you can achieve a good image but once you know more than that, you reach to accomplish some good artwork. Here are few tips and tricks, to be precise techniques to get you the best of what is street photography.

  1. Lessen the distance between you and the object or the subject. Use a wide-angle lens to achieve that and the vital point of this tip is that it develops the sense of being present there for the viewer. It brings in the essence of physically being there in the picture.
  2. Treat your camera as an extension of yourself like take it with you everywhere. You never know when you may come across a capture-worthy moment.
  3. Give your shots as a canvas you are drawing. Think all the pictures you are taking are like you painting on your canvas like no one is seeing. This will help you inculcate your own idea of street photography without even exerting much.
  4. Most of the street photographs that stand out are in nightlife. Nightlight gets you most out of your understanding of street photography. Just be mindful about low shutter speeds and compensation of ISOs.
  5. Street photography is more about creativity and thinking out of the box. It is always about how you can make a simple moment look totally different and give a unique outlook to it. Keep this in mind always.
  6. Sometimes it is okay if you are not able to get a perfect pixel picture but successful to get one hell of a street justifiable picture
  7. Always intend to have fun that will keep your mind boosted and thus ideas keep flushing into your brain. It can also help you think actively on a scenic view of a street through. Having fun can bring in a lively moment among the people around you to capture them too.
  8. The beauty of street photography is often in its imperfections. Try capturing some strong emotions. Understand the fact that it is difficult to get the best quality images with so many actions and motions. All you need to capture is some idea.
  9. Don’t just keep moving around capturing someone walking by with no life. It is not street photography.
  10. Always keep realism in mind while editing these photographs. Street photography is all about keeping it real and it gets lost somewhere when an overdone editing is applied. You obviously don’t want to lose some authenticity in your style.
  11. Look at the other street photographer’s works online to find more inspiration and get more perspectives on the contextual understanding of the photography style.
  12. Take longer shoot time as the longer you shoot the more you understand what you are drawn at.
  13. Always wait and stop there where you find a good place. Don’t think that you need to shoot only while walking but you can also capture some shots at a place you like once you find something happening there too.
  14. Consider photographing with everyday life. This way you will be able to shoot some real shots.

Street photography is so much fun to advent on but also one of the finest to capture the realistic outlooks. With these points and information, any little headed can deal with this kind of photography with a good number of shots at the end. Just have fun and keep eyes open to never miss out any good shot.