5 Best Photo Editing Apps for PC or Laptop 2019

We are already in the fourth month of 2019, and I guess it’s the right time to check out the best-rated photo editing apps that go perfect for the PC or laptops. If you are already into photography, then you will know the importance of photo editing and how it’s important for the business aspects. Our aim is to refine the photograph a bit so that the feel of the picture is not lost. 

Best Photo Editing App for Laptop

For editing photos, you can either go with a web-based application or a desktop application. I personally like the desktop applications, as it keeps the app updated all the time whenever any user logs into it. How can you get the best photography software? Among all the software options, Photoshop remains the best of all. However, you could use it in a better way with some formal training. Following are my all-time favorites for editing photographs, and I am sure you will also find them helpful. 

1. Adobe Lightroom Classics

before after lightroom

If you find all the Photoshop thing too complex to understand, then we have the Adobe Lightroom which allows you to edit the photos in an incredible way. It offers a fantastic interface that will guide you well with editing the photo using an array of features like;

  • Camera and lens-based correction
  • Fixing and the blurring tools
  • Professional quality filters and presets
  • Multiple device support and sync feature
  • Brush settings and other gradient option

2. Adobe Photoshop

It’s impossible to write a photo editing article without mentioning about the Photoshop. That would be an insult! It's the main tool used by the designers, illustrators, and artist from across the world.  

If you are looking for a basic retouch and layering app, then go with the Lightroom. Photoshop is more for the professional audiences, and offer you things like;  

  • Advanced retouch and touch-up  
  • Editing for multiple layers  
  • 3D design function  
  • Many unique brushes and filters  
  • Professional editing options

3. Corel Paint Shop Pro

If you are looking out for some alternative to Photoshop, then this could be the one. An advanced editing expert may not find the app interesting at first, however, it covers all the editing options that you will ever need. Corel is a straightforward app that is simple yet powerful in its own way.   

  • One-time fee   
  • Creative presets powered by AI  
  • Amazing user interface  
  • Comes with learning tutorials  
  • Includes backgrounds, textures, and brushes for  

4. Capture OnePRO

Next, we have the Capture One which is a raw image editor by the camera company Phase One. Some photographers may find this app bit difficult at first, although it's a good deal for those who got a lot of RAW images to be worked upon.   

One of the important features that set Capture One different from other apps, is the support of tethering shoot. It allows you to click photographs using the camera attached to the laptop.    

  • Make better layer adjustments without any lag 
  • Write notes in between and organize the settings   
  • Great speed, you can load multiple images over 20MP and carry out the editing at a better speed compared to other editing software. 
  • Customized interface; you can change the look & feel of the application and even update the keyboard shortcuts in the way you like.   

5. CyberLink PhotoDirector

The CyberLink Photo Director 10 is the new updated version, and it’s pretty much the same. All the new options and categories added are well-designed and included after considering the user feedbacks. For uploading the pics, you can select the picture from the PC or the CyberLink cloud.   

  • Tethered shooting; take the snaps directly from the camera included within the application  
  • Editing tools are divided into labels making it easy to understand   
  • Express Layer Templates offers theme-based set for text, objects, and gradients.   
  • Use a style template, and adjust the color strength  
  • AI styles included
  • Also, it has the body shaper editing tool 

You are now good to go!  

Note: Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop remain the best of all! They are the standard applications widely accepted among most of the editors.  

It’s important to understand what your requirements are before choosing the right photo editor. The ones listed here are more suitable for the marketing and industry people. Others looking for a simple and free photo editing option can check out the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), it’s an open-source platform and offers a great platform for the beginners.