Trending Lightroom Presets for Portraits [2019 Updates]

Lightroom is the rudimentary tool that most of the photo editors opt for. Basic and the all-time classic. Using the free lightroom presets you can improve and enhance your photographs to a great extent. Just one Adobe Lightroom Preset can make your snap look phenomenal in the feed!  

If you are new to this topic, then you should check out our blog How to Install and Apply a Preset to your Images.  

I can easily admit that we all are lucky to have these beautiful lightroom presets that make the post-production work simple and effective. So, firstly, thank you Adobe.  

Best Lightroom Presets for Portrait Snaps 2019 

Adobe Lightroom is a software that allows you to color correct, manage your photos and do all the basic photo editing things on the RAW and JPEG images. Whereas, a preset is a combined form of edits that you have done on one image. Imagine you have applied an excellent edit to an image and wish to apply the same edit to other images. This is exactly what you can do using Lightroom Presets; you can either call it a lazy work or a ‘work of efficiency’.  

For all that hard work you put through for photo editing should never go in waste. With the help of a handful of portrait presets you can make the editing quicker and edit the images in an efficient manner.  

Note: All the listed lightroom presets below may or may not be free. Our goal is to share ideas and give you some editing inspiration that you can try for your images. You also get some inbuilt presets on Lightroom, which you can further modify and give it a personal touch.  

Vogue – Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Preset

vogue preset lightroom

Image Source: Google

This is like the fashion magazine edits as the Vogue models shoot for. For someone who is making a fashion portfolio can consider this optimized style for lifestyle and brand photography. I loved the fact of how it makes the photograph look bolder in terms of color and tone. This portrait preset is compatible with the desktop and mobile version of the Lightroom application.  

Portrait Presets by Lumosmax 

portrait preset by lumosmax

Image Source: Google

Lumosmax brings you a set of 80+ presets for lightroom and adjustment brushes. It’s the Heinrich series of Portrait Presets, that includes basic editing, color, black and white, special skin enhancement look, and much more. You can set this lightroom preset and apply settings like skin smoothening, contouring, hair highlights with just one click.  

Indoor Fashion Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset

indoor fashion lightroom preset

Image Source: Google

This one gives a fresher look to your portrait photography, a bluish-green tone to your snap. Now convert your ordinary shots to a professional with the Indoor Fashion Lightroom Preset brought to you by CreativeTacos. You can use this preset lightroom for mobile as well as for desktop Lightroom application. This preset is a one fit for all, works well for wedding pictures, portraits, travel photos, fashion, landscape shots, food photography.  

Organic Cross Process

organic cross process preset

Image Source: Google

The cross-process effect on Lightroom is the next thing you should try on. This preset makes the image look more saturated and with a shifted color balance. You can use this lightroom preset for portraits when you want to add a different point of view to an image. If you are looking for lightroom preset that highlights all the image details, then this is the apt one!  

Orange and Teal – Free Lightroom Preset

orange and teal preset

Image Source: Google

Oh, this one is a bomb! Give a classic cinematic feel to your image with a touch of Orange and Teal shade to your clicks. Again, you can use this photo preset for a variety of snaps like travel, fashion, lifestyle, aerial photography (BEST ONE!), and of course for your portraits. This vintage lightroom presets will remind you of the VSCO presets.  

Night Life – Bold and Crisp Lightroom Preset

night life lightroom preset

Image Source: Google

This is for all your club photography and night photo shooting. When it comes to nightlife snaps, along with a good photographer you also need someone who edits the pictures well. The ones clicked with low lights are tricky on the editing side and could get frustrating to you as an editor. Just set the image you want to edit, and one-click on the preset to apply.  

Lomo Effect Lightroom Presets

lomo effect lightroom preset

Image Source: Google

Lomo is for vintage lovers. It gives a distinct color shade to the image, with bold saturated colors and vignette-style editing. Some of your portrait pictures will look great with the Lomo Effect, however, you do know that a preset ‘may not’ fit for all the images, so it’s up to you if you wish to use it or not.  

Moody Free Lightroom Preset

moody lightroom preset

Image Source: Google

Do you like the dark velvety shades on photos? If yes, then you will love this one. This lightroom preset gives a moody tone, high contrast, and a film inspired dark toning to your images. This preset is compatible with the Adobe Lightroom 4-7, Creative Cloud, and the Classic series. You can apply the edits to RAW as well as JPEG images. Cool isn’t it?  

Deep Matte by Exposure Empire

deep matte preset

Image Source: Google

Give your travel, wedding, portrait shots a trendy matte effect with the help of Matte Effect Lightroom Preset. The purpose of matte effects is to give a subtle shade to the photographs, matching up with the mood of the image. One point to note here- this matte Lightroom preset may not be suitable for all kinds of images. You need to carry out the editing, test it and do some adjustments before releasing out the final image.  

So, that’s all the amazing lightroom presets for portraits I came across online. There are tons of presets online both free and paid, you can choose from.