7 Insane Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales and Leads!

One of the best things about mobile marketing is that it requires so much less investment compared to the traditional forms of marketing. You don’t have to spend any buck on print ad and get your brand popular among the consumers.  

How can you step in this mad online game?  

It’s the age of digital marketing!  

If you own a business or brand, then it’s high time you consider checking the online marketing tips to drive more leads and customers.  

Before we start the tips, what is mobile marketing?  

You guys have more smartphones at home than desktop or bigger screen platforms. This is where you need to take the benefit! Mobile marketing is carrying out marketing strategies and AD campaigns to reach out to your potential customers at the right time and right place. [1] 


1. Website design matters the most.

People nowadays rely more on wireless information, and well you don’t need any evidence to prove that. Website covers up the first-foremost piece of data of your business, and this is ought to be just perfect! You need to make sure that your website is user-friendly, and the visitors could easily navigate through the menu without any hassle!  

2. It’s not always about the keywords.

I know keywords matter a lot, however stuffing a lot of keywords in your marketing campaign is also not the right way. Keep the content unique and smartly add the keywords wherever necessary.  

3. Email marketing is one way out.

SMS marketing is one of the first kinds of marketing, and it’s still in use. Have you tried the email marketing? You could make a list of the top clients and use this marketing to make your photography business reach the correct audience. It’s an economical method for someone who just got started with the photography and wish to provide quality work.  

4. Keep the Instagram account unique from blogs and other portfolios.

Instagram. You read it right. Instagram has risen to a higher standard right next to Facebook, in terms of company advertising. If you don’t have an Instagram account, create one today. Others who have a business Instagram account, try your best to post something unique and creative on the Instagram. You can show your style and showcase your personality through the posts and get more closer to your clients.  

5. Let your company reach the mobile users.

You cannot ignore the mobile users. Studies have shown that users have better ad response on the mobile devices compared to the desktop version. If you got a mobile app, then you can also run an ad campaign for the mobile users and check out the results you get!  

6. Introduce discount coupons once a while.

Another way of mobile marketing is by introducing mobile coupons for the clients. This one’s more effective than the conventional coupons. The client could use the code online and get the benefit of the offer. You need to mention two important things here – a clear description of the offer, and the last date to avail.  

7. Blog as much as you can!

Last but not the least, go on blogging!  

Blogging is another method you could connect with your customers on a one-to-one level. Do your research and provide as much information you can for the audience.  

These are some of the ways that I found beneficial for the mobile marketing strategy. What are the other ways a brand could profit through mobile platform? Let us know in the comments below.