The Process of Wedding Album Design

Treasured memories deserve simply the most reliable. Serving coincidentally excellent elements and bespoke ideas, our wedding photo albums are the ultimate souvenir of your extraordinary day. They are keepsakes that you will show to bridesmaids, bride and groom, family members, friends and relatives and so should be built to last. Select between premium board-mounted sheets or beautiful pages of albums, with wedding photo design services that will convert your consequences into experiencing fantasies.

Type of Album Design 

The first and foremost thing to establish with respect to Wedding Album Design Process is the style of album that the couple wants. Whether the couple is interested in a storybook, magazine like layout design, a slip-in album or a bound album. Once you have established your couple’s preference, you can then get into the process of sorting the wedding pictures 

Sorting Wedding Photos 

After some experience, a wedding photographer can easily make this wedding photo sorting process easier for his/her couple. I would highly recommend wedding photographers to guide their couple and make this chore as easy as possible for them, as this is directly proportional to album spread sales. The easier it is and the more images you have weeded out for the couple, the more you can up sell the wedding album. Moreover, when a photographer, is sorting out these photos for the client, he/she is already cooking up the album design in their mind, which further leads to a more gripping album design. 

Involve the newlywed Couple 

Don’t get me wrong; all I mean to impress is the fact that the wedding photographer has to do the initial groundwork of sorting pictures, to successfully create a stunning wedding album. However, the couple must always have their say. Make it easier for them, give them two different sets, Ones that are sorted you, the photographer, and other that contain all of them, by default the couple will go for the pre-sorted version and will appreciate you for it. Ask them to bifurcate their wedding photos in three categories.  

  1. Wedding Pictures they absolutely love.
  2. Photos they really like but are not very important.
  3. Wedding images, they have completely rejected.

You then go through with the couple and finalize a list of final wedding images. Always feel free to suggest an extra few by showing them, how you can create a fantastic album spread with image A+B on the right spread and C,D & E on the left spread and how all these images can create a beautiful story. When you are telling a story along the way, you have already sold that spread to your couple. There’s just one rule to this, always be genuinely interested in creating the best wedding album for your couple. If you are not, it will show through and you will lose all future referral business, which you could have had from that couple. 

Wedding Album Layout 

Once you have all the approved wedding images. You start with creating a masterpiece for your couple. Remember, that you as a photographer should create every single album, as your masterpiece. One masterpiece never made a photographer famous, it’s only a collection of masterpieces that set a wedding photographer apart from the rest. So every time you sit in front of your computer, to start work on a wedding album, think about how special the day was for your couple and how you can genuinely, through your images, tell the best story you captured with your lens in their wedding album. Add backgrounds, text, place multiple images, special effects, the whole shebang. Keep the album design clean and graphic, with multiple images on a page, drop shadows and other features. I strongly suggest, to pay attention to your design, so it still looks fresh on their silver anniversary, make it timeless. 

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Album Layout Approval 

Presentation is the key here. You can always post the images in an online gallery and ask them to pick the album layout and let you know, end of story. However, you should always try and engage your couple and try and touch them sensually. Always, call them in your studio, have a comfortable couch where they can sink in, create drama, turn the lights off, put on a slideshow on a huge TV or projector with an appropriate soundtrack in the background. Try and touch their sense of smell with fragrance, sound with a beautifully composed track and taste (always have chocolates – brides love them). This way you can sell more spreads to them, then you ever did in your entire career. These are little things that make a big difference. You have essentially created an atmosphere for your couple which is not only conducive to higher sales, in effect you have tried to recreate that day by telling a love story through your wedding album slideshow. 

Album Types 

Always show samples of different albums you have in our studio and explain different qualities to your clients. Involve them and show them the emotional value of their wedding album. Your albums should resonate with elegance and style, which is what high-end clients are always looking for. 



All the above is very important; however, each step takes a very long time. After all, nothing good comes easy, whether it is the album design or wedding photos. If you feel your clients, you will go that extra mile to create a masterpiece for them. But sometimes, in the practical world, all this is not possible due to time constraints. A wedding photographer after all is a one-man army for his/her business. Trying to devote that extra time for each client is practically impossible for most wedding photographers. Unintentionally, the photographer will start cutting corners & before they know it, they are selling fewer album spreads and their sales have gone down. Good Wedding Albums are bread and butter for any wedding photographer and not being able to produce good album design, due to less time or otherwise is a business disaster. So, once a wedding photographer feels that they have too much to handle and that although they do have whole summer booked with weddings, but don’t know how they are going to get through it, they should seriously consider outsourcing wedding album designHire a Wedding Album Designer, try them out and if you like what they can do, place your Album Order now.