What takes a photograph to stand out?

An image that you hold in your hands for the longest time has some of the other aspects that make it stay in front of your eyes for longer than normal. There's a lot that can be said through photographs we click and that one thing that attracts the viewer becomes his/her element of judging the picture outstanding. To judge any picture by some general elements is always difficult because clicking a picture determines different perceptions and ideologies which again vary from person to person. 

An outstanding or beautiful picture has this element of connection that rapidly syncs with the viewer. This is the most important element of any photograph. That essence of communication and connection made by the photograph is its key to be called an artwork.   

Colin Roohan implied in an interview that the element of intrigue and upbringing the essence of curiosity is one of the important factors in judging any photograph. If the viewer comes to a position where it must think, question, and up brings an interest in learning, then the picture is successfully beautiful. And the interest of finding more about the subject in the picture makes any viewer moved. 

Most of the professional wedding photographers, when asked about that every element of the photograph which makes it different, is its key to interesting and engaging subject matter. Any picture's life lays on its ability to make the viewer feel something and thus connect emotionally. There should be an element of capturing the energy of the subject and able to put you in a moment. 

Apart from these abstract element, there are other technical elements that also helps to judge a pic to stand out. These elements vary from shoot to shoot and genre to genre like in fashion shoots, the elements are color, contrast, light, poses; likewise, in wildlife shots, they are naturality, light, blur, moment. So, the technical elements vary from the way the shooting is done. Generally, there are 5 such elements that can be looked to: 

  • Light: It is the most important element in making any picture beautiful. It helps to set a mood and allows the photographer to direct focus on what subject he is focusing. Positioning the beam of light in a perfect focus and subject makes an outstanding picture achievable. 
  • Composition: This element can make or break an image. It comprises of the angle and the shade of objects you choose to finally click. Sometimes changing or re-positioning the focus can bring a catalyst in the final image to make it get an O. 
  • Detailing: Details are a noteworthy element to judge the picture and the photographer both. How detailed pictures the photographer can take, that much level of synchronicity increases between the image and the viewer. Detail adds beauty to an image in various ways. 
  • Moment: Element of the moment is the key to success in achieving that memorable picture of the whole collection. If a click is made at the right moment, a good move can be captured. Many photographers wait more than days to get that perfect moment.   
  • Quality: Always quality is a must. Even if you are able to touch all the elements but miss with this one, then your whole effort goes in vain. Quality should always be looked after as and when you are going to do anything. A qualified picture can attract loads of people than anything else. 


Stunning is within you and in the way, you want to mold it to. Keeping these insightful elements and those abstracts in your mind, you can whenever get a stunning photograph that will stand out from the others. Go fetching and collecting them