What is UshootVedit?

UshootVedit as the name implies ‘you shoot images, and we do the editing’. We are professional photo editing services, mainly targeting wedding photographers. We wish to be your go-to friend for outsourcing photo editing jobs. This could be a big relief to the photographers, who can better focus on other works by letting us do the editing part.

On getting started!

You need to first create an account to get started. Click on the ‘Create an Account’ and fill up the details as asked to you. You will be asked to enter email id, phone number, password. Make sure you remember all the details entered here, as they will be your login credentials. (Also, don’t worry all the info entered will be safe with us)   

How it works?

Once you have created the account, login to your account. You will find options like Dashboard, Accounts, Projects, Storage, Contact Us, etc. Click on Projects and then ‘New Project’ to start uploading your images. Once the project is submitted, we shall go through the editing task, get in touch with you for better understanding your style and start the processing work. 

Why should I outsource photo editing?

Great things happen when we work as a team. The creative minds who do photo editing know what works well for a picture. They know the technicalities and things which can make the image look better than the original.  

If you are a professional photographer, then we are sure you will have many other important tasks to be carried out. When you are drowning with too many client deadlines, you can assign a few of your projects to an outsourced team and get the work done on time and maintain the quality. 

How to know UshootVedit is the best choice for me?

We keep it simple – understand the client and give the fastest delivery. As soon as you submit in your pictures, we go through them and get in touch with you to have a one-to-one conversation. This makes the job clearer and helps with fast delivery.  

We do understand the value of those special moments captured. Thus, we deal with the pictures smoothly as to perform much better than your expectations. 

UshootVedit makes use of the latest software for professional photo editing services. You ought to get the best! 

Language support included

We support the English language as of now. 

Is there any free trial period? How does it work?

Yes, we do have a free trial for first-time users! We offer 1000 free edits in the free trial and a 50% off for the next two orders for the same editing work. This way we can learn your style and finely tune your custom style in the photo editing. 

Is UshootVedit for the professional photographers?

Our platform accepts any form of project. It is open for professionals as well as for amateurs. We are here to assist you with the photo editing work, either you are a solo photographer or a team of photographers. 

How do you understand the style/requirement?

We communicate one-on-one with the clients to understand the needs and requirement. This is always our focus, just to ensure that we are on the same page with you. 

Should I have to subscribe to your website updates for placing the order?

No. Just get yourself registered, that’s all you got to do! 

Is there any contract or set of terms that I should sign?

Yes, we do have a set of terms that you need to sign before moving ahead with the editing job. It will be all transparent and clear for both the parties involved. 

Which software application/s you use for the editing purpose?

We use classic photo editing tools - Photoshop and Lightroom.  

How much is the minimum order?

We don’t have any minimum order count for the job.    

Do you Lightroom Smart Preview?

Yes, we do use Lightroom Smart Preview. 

How to upload images on the UshootVedit?

It’s easy! Login to your account and choose the option ‘Projects > New Project’. Fill up the details, and you are all set to upload the images now.  

How much time will it take for uploading the pictures?

This depends on the speed of the Internet connection at your place. We provide you quality storage space (of 2040GB approx.) for image uploads. You can also share us the ‘shareable link’ to your Dropbox or Google Drive for easy file access. 

RAW vs JPEG for project submission?

Yes, we do accept both. However, RAW images are preferable since it saves time and retains the original quality of the image. 

Can I submit more than one event in one project?

Yes, of course. That would be perfect! If you could share all the images in one go, our editor could also work more efficiently.

What is the compulsory thing to do before submitting the work?

You must have to be logged into our website to get started with the job.   

Can I submit all kinds of photos or only weddings?

You can submit any kind of event, product, fashion photoshoot for the color correction job.  

What’s the best way to compress an image?

Compressing an image can lower the overall quality of the image. So, no worries – send us the original RAW file for the project submission. 

How will I know when the editing work is done?

We will update you about the completion of the project through the mail. You may also get this notification on the UshootVedit dashboard. Once the job is complete, please feel free to leave feedback about our work. 

How quick can the project be completed?

We edit 800-1000 pics within 2 business days but at the same time, it varies upon the number of pictures, quality, the lighting of the images, etc. 

Do you take rush orders?

Yes, we do take rush orders with an expected delivery time of 2 business days. 

Whom to contact in case of any query?

You can reach us via email at info@ushootvedit.com or call us on +1 855 878 3266 for any kind of project query. There's even an online chat portal where you can drop your query. One of our team representatives will get back to you soon with the solution to your query. 

Along with all the above options, we do have a special ‘Contact Us’ option in the USVE dashboard. You can select the ‘Issue Type’, type in your message and click on ‘Send’.  

Can I track the progress of the project?

Yes, you can know the progress of the project from the ‘Status’ column on the dashboard. We will try our best to keep that column updated all the time. 

How will I receive the edited pictures?

Usually, our clients can access the edited images via the shared space like the UshootVedit server storage or the dropbox space. If the images are high in count and file size, we can also courier the images via pendrive. You can let us know the preferred delivery style, and we shall proceed with it. 

What is the file type of the image when it is returned?

We can deliver either RAW or JPEG format as per requirement. You can let us know about it while signing the contract or in the custom quote section. 

How to download an edited photo from UshootVedit?

You can download your edited image by clicking on the ‘Download’ button right next to your edited images.   

Would the edited images be in a print ready format?

Surely! We shall provide the edited images in a print-ready format. However, if you need the RAW files, then you won't get the print-ready ones. You can let us know your specification in advance so that the transition could be easier. 

What are the modes of payment available?

We got PayPal and Credit option for carrying out smooth online payment.  

Is it a one-time payment platform?

Not necessary. This depends on the project type, and the contract that you have signed with us. Once you have a submitted your job, we shall get in touch with you and discuss about your requirements. Payment and order submission will be decided after that.  

How is the billing procedure? How will I receive the invoice?

Once the payment is done, you will get the invoice for the same. It will remain on your profile, which can be later printed/downloaded on your device. 

How much should I spend for the editing job?

This depends on the number of images and your requirements. You can check out more about the pricing and jobs we offer on our website. 

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