Background Removal

Eliminating reflection from a photo using PS is a challenging task.

There are various sorts of reflections and each requires an alternate methodology.

Let us perform and make your picture clear.

What we do is - we use deft touch to remake reality and match light and original climatic levels.

The final-ready image will be too attractive that you would fall in love with the editing.

Drop Shadow
Drop Shadow

An effect which makes any elements look the way better with 3D and pop-out of the picture.

A shadow makes any DIY photography or professional editing looks even better. It enables you to create the best visual effect.

Mostly photo editors use the Gaussian Blur filter to create this effect.

Give us an opportunity for professionally edited, realistic looking photos-that brings quality to your life.

Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow, the term itself tells about image appearance.

In that method, the background would be removed - image will be placed in a white background and then a normal shadow will be formed which will look as same as natural.

The importance of nature shadow is at the peak for e-Commerce picture enhancement and the pictures for advertisement. It impacts your business a lot.

Natural Shadow
Change Color or Background
Change Color or Background

Many times it happens that unnecessary things are being captured by photographers. Or background is not as good as they want.

Even background color might not suit to main element of an image.

Then changing color of background is the easiest way to make the image better.

Similarly, if you want to change whole background scene then its possible.

We are dealing with that too. We will replace the main element with other background and you can not even believe!

Dramatic Background change

Dramatic background change! what we mean by it - is that we would work on lighting, texture and composition on digital image.

Setting the right scene for you because we are professional in changing with colors and its correction methods.

All and all it is about visual transition of more than one scenes into a single picture which will give decent view.

Dramatic Background change

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